Reserve a Park

The following city facilities are available for reservation:

  • Woodie Hollow Park, Three Pond Park, Blackmer Common, John Meade Park & Alan Hutto Memorial Commons 
  • Quincy Farm (areas and allowed uses are designated within the Quincy Farm Regulations) 
  • Public streets, trails, and rights-of-way (limited to block parties, parades, marches, walks/races)

To reserve a room in City Hall, follow this link:  Three Pond Conference Room and Council Chambers Reservations 

To reserve a park or trail, please fill out the Event Permit Application and submit it with the $25 non-refundable application fee. Applications can be emailed to Parks & Recreation Coordinator Emily Black at If you would like to check if a date is available before filling out an application, call the Coordinator at (303) 783-2742.