November 8, 2022 Regular Municipal Election Coordinated with Arapahoe County

Candidates on the Ballot

Order on the ballot was determined by lot draw at the September 6, 2022 City Council meeting. Per Section 2.5 of the Home Rule Charter all positions are elected at-large, meaning all registered electors in the City may vote for one candidate for each of the positions on the ballot.

Mayor - 2 year term

  • Russell O. Stewart
  • Katy Brown
  • Jenn Diffendal

Council District 2 - 4 year term

  • Earl Hoellen
  • Tory Leviton

Council District 4 - 4 year term

  • Susan Maguire
  • Mark Williams

Council District 6 - 4 year term

  • Tom Conroy
  • Robert Eber

October 2022 Village Crier (PDF)

Candidate Requirements

  • At least 21 years old
  • Citizen of the United States
  • Resident of Cherry Hills Village for at least 12 consecutive months preceding the date of the election
  • Qualified elector
  • Resident of the district the candidate wants to represent. Any person elected to office must continue to live within the district for which he or she was elected throughout the term of office. The mayor need only continue to live within the city.  View the Council District Map (PDF).

Term Starts & Limits

Terms commence at the first Council meeting in January following the election, called the Organizational Meeting.

The person elected as Mayor will serve two-year terms of office. Each Mayor is limited to three consecutive terms. The persons elected as Council members will serve four-year terms of office. Each Council member is limited to two consecutive terms.

Becoming a Candidate

All municipal elections are nonpartisan and nomination is accomplished by petition. In order to become a candidate a resident must collect the required number of signatures on their nomination petition, and submit the appropriate candidate affidavits (see Candidate Packet below).

  • Mayor: Not fewer than 25 registered electors residing within the City of Cherry Hills Village
  • Council member: Not fewer than 10 registered electors residing within the District

The nomination petition period is closed.