Resident Contributions

Resident memoirs

I was fortunate to grow up in Cherry Hills village and raise my family here.  As a young girl I had horses.  I was involved with the Cherry Creek Pony Club run by Cat Anderson.  Several of my friends had horses, we would ride together on the High Line Canal and in open fields.  One lived on Gilpin Street, west of University Boulevard.  Traffic was minimal on University and we could ride across University to get together.  We also rode in a field which is now Cherry Hills Park.  Once my neighbor and I rode our horses to CHV Elementary School on the last day of school.  We tied our horses to a tree at school, obtained our final report cards and rode home.  It was a fun way to end the school year.

I had several birthday celebrations with friends tubing in the High Line.  My mother drove us to an access point on Belleview and we floated in inner tubes to an area near my home.

My husband, David, and I were married in the back yard of my parents’ house.  The trees in their yard had matured and it was a beautiful garden setting for a wedding.  David and I purchased the property adjacent to the High Line where I had kept my horses.  We built our house and it has been our home since 1986.  We acquired additional property and had a pond which was fun for both our children and dogs.  It is our sanctuary in the growing Denver area.

-Submitted by Nancy Wyman, Cherry Hills Village resident and 75th Anniversary Committee member

My husband, Don, and I have lived in Cherry Hills Village for sixty-one years.  We purchased our home on Summit Boulevard in 1969.  At that time, it was really country living; University and Belleview were controlled by a four way stop sign intersection.  Belleview was two lanes with big cotton wood trees lining both sides of the street and Summit was a dirt road.

Our children, Jessica and Gemont, were born in 1964 and 1966.  At that time there were fields, ditches and Little Dry Creek for them to explore.  We kept a horse and had dogs and cats that roamed freely.  The children attended Cherry Hills Elementary School (later changed to Cherry Hills Village Elementary School). On the last day of school, the treat was to ride their horses to school.

Over time Don and I were founding members of Village Club, Glenmoor Country Club and Saint Gabriel Episcopal Church.  I was on the PTC at CHV and subsequently taught at CHVE for 19 years.

In 1989 we sold our home on Summit Boulevard and built our present home in Glenmoor.  We feel fortunate to have a golf course and the High Line Canal in our back yard.  Over the years we have made many dear life-long Village friends

We can’t think of a place that we would rather call home!

-Submitted by Nada Graves