Trees & Limbs

Any tree that is obstructing visibility and safety must be trimmed. When trees and limbs encroach into streets it makes it difficult for City plows and sweepers to properly perform their duties. Limbs and branches limit visibility of drivers and, with snow on the road, can impede visibility. Extensive damage caused by limbs and branches to plow trucks and sweepers can be very costly and hamper operations. City crews will perform minor trimming around stop signs and intersections as time permits. 

However, the City does not have the staff or funding available to perform all tree trimming in the rights-of-way. It is imperative that crews clear all of the snow from the streets, therefore the City will be contacting and relying on homeowners to trim trees.

Receiving a Notice

If you receive a notice from Code Enforcement, it is your responsibility to have the trees on your property and within the right-of-way trimmed. The City does not own the trees within the right-of-way and they are the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner. The City allows landscaping within public rights-of-way, but requires each homeowner to care for and maintain these improvements.

Municipal Code

The following is the Municipal Code provision which requires homeowners to trim trees:

Section 7-4-20. Trees and Limbs in Public Right-of-Way.

It shall be the duty of the owner of any property adjacent to the public right-of-way to remove any trees or limbs located in or above the public right-of-way when such trees or limbs constitute a danger to public safety. Such trees and limbs shall constitute a nuisance. For the purposes of this Section, a danger to public safety shall include all trees and limbs which hinder visibility or which may otherwise affect the public health, safety and welfare...

Both vehicle and pedestrians must share the streets in Cherry Hills Village. If vegetation is allowed to grow into the street, pedestrians can be forced into dangerous situations.

More Information

If you have any questions about these requirements, call Jay Goldie, Director of Public Works at 303-783-2731 or email Jay Goldie.