Stormwater Management

The City of Cherry Hills Village belongs to SPLASH (Stormwater Permittees for Local Awareness of Stream Health). Visit the SPLASH website and the Colorado Stormwater Council for stormwater educational information.

Stormwater Management Permits are required for all construction projects or instances when one acre or greater of land disturbance will occur.

Legal Requirements

Federal and State laws require the Village to regulate any discharges into the storm drain system in order to protect and enhance the quality of waterways, water bodies and wetlands in a manner consistent with the Federal Clean Water Act.  Any construction project or site work that disturbs one acre or more of land or is adjacent to a watercourse or wetlands area is subject to the City's stormwater quality and control permitting requirements outlined in Chapter 19 of the Municipal Code

Discharge Permits & Further Information

Any work that disturbs one acre or more of land also requires a discharge permit from the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. More information about the State's permit process and requirements can be found at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.