Annual Contractor's Meeting

To help the different contractors, architects, homeowners, and all those who work in our community understand our building, engineering, and zoning code requirements, the City holds an "Annual Contractor's Meeting". The meeting is normally held during the second quarter of the year (April, May, or June) at City Hall. 

The 2022 Annual Contractor's Meeting has concluded. In case you missed it, a video of the meeting can be viewed at the link below. Please note there were some audio difficulties during the meeting. Due to this, all presentations have been provided below. If you have questions for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), please contact their Asbestos Compliance Assistance Group at 303-692-3100 or Please feel free to reach out with the Community Development Department with any questions.

2022 Annual Contractor's Meeting Video


If you have questions about the Annual Contractor's Meeting, please contact the Community Development Department at 303-783-2721 or