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The Village Crier wants to know how you and your family have been spending your time (i.e. playing board games, putting together puzzles, enjoying the outdoors, etc.).  Send your photos to to be included here, on the City’s Facebook page and a future article in the Village Crier.

Terry and Preston Kelsey have been cyclocross and mountain biking with their pets


Village resident Beth Metsch Goldman and her family have been celebrating birthdays and spending time walking around their beautiful neighborhood. Beth said, "We consider ourselves very lucky to be living here".

Metsch Goldman 1
Metsch Goldman 2
Metsch Goldman 3

Cherry Hills North resident, Jenny Margenau and her family have been spending time making snow angels, building a snowman named Katie, having an epic snowball fight, sister sleepovers in the basement, perfecting their marshmallow roasting, biking along the High Line Canal, baking, crafting up a storm and making homemade lip gloss.

Snowball fight
Snow angels
Sister sleepover
Biking on the High Line
High Line selfie
Kite flying
Kite flying 2
Home made lipgloss