COVID-19 - Public Works

Cherry Hills Village Public Works Department Update in Response to the Tri-County Order

Due to the Tri-County Health Order related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Cherry Hills Village is modifying all Public Works services related to streets, parks and right-of-way permitting to promote the health and safety of our community and our staff while maintaining necessary services for our residents and businesses. The Public Works Department is implementing interim procedures that are expected to be in place through April 17, and may be extended as necessary:

Public Works staff are still performing necessary functions to promote the health, safety and welfare of the community.  Because of the restrictions that have been implemented, staff will be modifying their normal duties and limiting contact with others when possible.  Their main function will be responding to work orders that are safety or health related.  If you need to report an issue with the City streets or parks, please use the online work order request.

Right-of-way Applications: Applications are still being accepted for processing through electronic submittals. City Hall is closed to the public, and therefore no in-person applications for new permits will be accepted. If you need assistance submitting an application electronically, please call (303) 783-2744 to discuss the specifics. Please also feel free to email us at  or for additional information and questions. This includes revisions to existing permits.

Permits Collection of Fees: Payments can be made through credit card payments over the phone by calling (303)783-2744.  No in-person payment of fees will be accepted. Approved permits will be e-mailed, as permits cannot be picked up in person.

Sanitary Sewer

Please keep our sanitary sewer systems working efficiently! Do NOT flush items such as paper towels, napkins, disinfection wipes or feminine hygiene products. With the concerns over the coronavirus and the actions being asked to minimize the spread of the disease such as closing offices and reducing staff levels, the increase in backups and increased maintenance at the plants will mean less service can be provided.  Therefore, we are asking all to please only place items that degrade in water or are rated as “flushable” in the toilets to be flushed.  All other items should be placed in the trash and disposed of properly. What NOT to Flush (PDF)