Coyote Management

If You See Something, Say Something!

If you sight a coyote, please call the Cherry Hills Village Coyote Hotline at 303-783-2708. Timely and accurate reporting of encounters with coyotes is a crucial element within the Coyote Management Plan. The more timely the report, the quicker we can respond to it.  

Reporting is Essential

These reports enable the City to determine the frequency, severity, timing and geographic scope of the encounters. That information is critical to effective coyote control. To learn more, read the Revised Coyote Management Plan (PDF).

Coyote Symposium

In February 2009, the Colorado Division of Wildlife had a coyote symposium in Jefferson County for many of the surrounding jurisdictions. This symposium was for City and County officials only and the purpose was to get everyone on the same page when it came to handling coyote calls and the making sure we were all using the same definitions and terminology. 

Results & Plan Modifications

Since that time, many cities have had meetings to start the process of creating a coyote management plan. These plans are to be a guideline for city staff on how to handle coyote calls, answer questions, and how to respond to different situations. The core of these plans are pretty much the same, but each city is unique and has had to construct the management plan to best fit the needs of their area.  We feel we have done that and on April 21, 2009, Cherry Hills Village City Council passed a Coyote Management Plan.  

View the Entire Plan

For more information, please read the Revised Coyote Management Plan (PDF).  If you have any questions please call our Coyote Hotline at 303-783-2708. 

Living With Coyotes / Wildlife

For more information and an informative video about living with coyotes and other kinds of wildlife, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

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