2017 Crier deadlines 
January - deadline December 15, 2016
February - deadline January 13, 2017
March - deadline February 15, 2017
April - deadline March 15, 2017
May - deadline April 14, 2017
June - deadline May 15, 2017
July - deadline June 15, 2017
August - deadline July 14, 2017
September - deadline August 15, 2017
October - deadline September 15, 2017
November - deadline October 13, 2017
December - deadline November 15, 2017
PLEASE NOTE: These deadlines are subject to change depending on content information.  All issues will be received by residents the third week of every month at the latest.

The Village Crier

The Crier is the official Cherry Hills Village government sponsored newsletter. It has been in existence for over fifty years and is published every month. The goal of The Crier is to inform and serve the residents of Cherry Hills Village with an emphasis on presenting topics that are before the Council, but also including pre-election information about each candidate running for Council. The Crier also happily publishes information about community events – either after the fact or beforehand.

The Crier is funded primarily by voluntary donations from residents; however, The Crier also receives income from advertising. Donations are tax deductible as contributions to a government entity. The Crier is mailed to every household in Cherry Hills Village for whom we have an address, about 2100 households.

To contact The Crier, contact Jessica Sager at email jsager@cherryhillsvillage.com; phone (303) 783-2730; fax (303) 761-9386; or mail: The Crier, 2450 East Quincy Avenue, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113.
Go Paperless! You can now receive your copy of the Crier via email. This is a 2 step process:
  1. Click here to email jsager@cherryhillsvillage.com to let us know which postal address you would like us to remove from the Crier mailing list.
  2. Click here to sign up to receive the Crier via email.
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