Recreation Reimbursement Program

The Parks, Trails and Recreation Department offers a Recreation Reimbursement Program to provide Cherry Hills Village residents reimbursement for recreation programs, activities, classes and events from public recreation providers.  Each primary household in Cherry Hills Village is eligible for up to a $500 maximum annual reimbursement when participating in a program, class, or activity that qualifies for reimbursement.  For the purposes of this program, primary household shall mean if you own more than one home in the City, reimbursement can only be submitted for the address of the home you reside in.
There are three categories eligible for reimbursement within the boundaries of eligible agencies to include Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, or Jefferson Counties:
1.         Municipal and Special Recreation Districts
This category includes agencies such as the Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, South Suburban Parks and Recreation, and recreation centers that are offered by a municipal or special district within the seven-county Denver metropolitan area.
Some examples of agencies that do not qualify for reimbursement are:  24-Hour Fitness, Colorado Athletic Club, Life Time Fitness, HOA pools, Country Clubs, School Sports Programs (this list is not a comprehensive list).
2.         Youth Sport Organizations
This category includes non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations such as the YMCA, Colorado Storm, Littleton Soccer, baseball, hockey, lacrosse etc.  Please obtain an itemized receipt that includes the agency, season, fee(s) paid and child’s name.  Receipts submitted must be for the year in which they are paid and not the year in which the activity takes place.  Coach’s fees, travel, uniforms, equipment rental and other miscellaneous costs do not qualify for reimbursement.  Seasonal sporting activities such as soccer, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, hockey, gymnastics, etc., are considered single activities.
The following youth sport programs do not qualify for reimbursement:  Any private (for profit) agency, sports clinics run by individuals or sports teams, and sports activities run by schools or colleges.  (e.g. DU programs and school sponsored programs)
3.         Municipal Golf Courses
Any municipal golf course located within the seven-county Denver metropolitan area is eligible for reimbursement.  Rounds of golf and driving range balls are eligible.  Carts, rentals and merchandise do not qualify for reimbursement.  An itemized receipt is required.  Non-itemized credit card receipts are not eligible.  Please refer to the list of eligible and non-eligible golf courses below (this list is not a comprehensive list).
Initiation fees and child care do not qualify for reimbursement.  Summer memberships qualify as a single activity and are eligible for one half the cost of each activity up to $50.00 maximum per activity.  HOA dues do not qualify for reimbursement.
Annual memberships such as the Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club or South Suburban Parks and Recreation qualify for one half the cost incurred up to a maximum of $500.00 per household.
Participating residents have the option to donate all or a portion of their household’s submitted recreation reimbursement to the Cat Anderson Fund for the preservation and acquisition of open space in Cherry Hills Village.  All donations are tax deductible.  The City will provide a tax receipt for your donation.

JANUARY 15 is the last day to submit reimbursements for the previous year.
For questions about the Recreation Reimbursement Program call
Administrative Assistant Pamela Broyles at 303-783-2744
or email pbroyles@cherryhillsvillage.com.

Submit completed forms and receipts to:
City of Cherry Hills Village
Attn: Recreation Reimbursement
2450 E. Quincy Avenue
Cherry Hills Village, CO  80113

Recreation Reimbursement Form.pdf


Golf Course List.pdf