Residential Development Standards Committee

The Residential Development Standards Committee (RDSC) was established by the City Council in the Fall of 2008 for the purpose of making recommendations on various issues related to building and development standards, including an evaluation of setbacks, building height, floor area, open space coverage and enforcement and implementation of building regulations. The RDSC presented their final report to the City Council on October 20, 2009 (click on the link on the left hand menu to view the final report).
RDSC Members
Linda Behr
Tracy James
Andrew Nielsen
Peter Savoie
Steve Szymanski
Klasina VanderWerf (City Council Advisor)
Scott Roswell (City Council Advisor)
Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and Final Report
Meeting agendas, minutes, and the RDSC Final Report can be accessed by the links on the left hand menu.
Contact Information
Correspondence may be sent to:
City of Cherry Hills Village
Residential Development Standards Committee
2450 E. Quincy Avenue
Cherry Hills Village, CO   80113
For more information on the RDSC
or to be added to the RDSC listserve please contact
the Community Development Department:
(303) 783-2721