Village Crier FAQs

How often is The Crier published? 
The Crier is published every month.  Residents typically receive their issue by the third week of every month.
How can I put an article into The Crier? 
Please send any announcements or articles to The Crier, 2450 East Quincy Ave., Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113; articles and pictures can be sent by email to jsager@cherryhillsvillage.com. Articles will be reviewed by The Crier committee prior to publication.
Will the Crier publish a letter to the editor?
As a government sponsored entity, The Crier publishes factual information only.
How can I reach an advertiser who isn’t in the current issue?
Please visit the Village Crier Archives page by clicking here.
What is the circulation of The Crier?
The Crier is sent to all the households in Cherry Hills Village – about 2100 homes. 
How do I get our name on The Crier mailing list/change our/my name in address?
Please contact Jessica Sager at 303-783-2730 or jsager@cherryhillsvillage.com