City Council Frequently Asked Questions

Cherry Hills Village has a Council/Manager form of government.
Citizens elect a City Council consisting of the Mayor, who is elected at-large, and 6 City Council members, one from each of the City's six districts.  They set the policies for the operation of the City government.
The Council appoints the City Manager with administrative responsibility to carry out the Council's policies and day-to-day operations of the City.
How do City Council meetings operate?
Regular Cherry Hills Village City Council meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, except for July and December. There is only one regular meeting in July, on the third Tuesday of the month. There is only one regular meeting in December, on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held to receive citizen input and to take action on proposed legislation.  Roberts Rules of Order are used as procedural guidelines. Meetings are open to the public and there is an Audience Participation Period at the beginning of each meeting during which public comments are welcome. Speakers are limited to 5 minutes each. Meeting agendas are posted on the notice board in front of the Village Center. Regular meeting are held in the City Council Chambers at the Village Center, 2450 E. Quincy Avenue.
City Council Study Sessions are held only when called by the Mayor, City Council, or City staff.  Study sessions are usually held prior to or following the regularly scheduled City Council meetings to review complex matters, but may also be held independent of regular meetings.  The public is welcome to attend the study sessions, but unlike regular council meetings, public comment is not taken.  Study sessions are usually held in the City Council Chambers at the Village Center, 2450 E. Quincy Avenue.
Meeting times and locations may change on occasion, please check the latest agenda or call the City Clerk's office at (303) 783-2732 to confirm.
How can I participate at City Council meetings?

The public has the opportunity to speak at regular City Council meetings.  For items not on the agenda, there is an Audience Participation period at the beginning of the meeting.  If the item is the subject of a Public Hearing then public comments will be heard during the designated Public Hearing time.
You can sign up to speak, on public comment and during public hearings, by signing the sign-in sheet(s) located at the podium prior to the City Council meeting.
As you address the Council, please follow these guidelines:
  • Turn off your cellular phones and speak clearly
  • State your name and address before making your comments
  • Present your views as concisely as possible without repeating testimony from other speakers
  • There is a five-minute time limit during public comment
  • When appropriate, it is important to state that you are speaking for a group or certain number of people in the audience
Public comment is not taken at study sessions, but the public is welcome to attend.
Thank you in advance for attending City Council meetings, expressing your opinions and observing Cherry Hills Village city government in action.  If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk's office at (303) 783-2732.
What are ordinances and resolutions?
On the agenda you will see "ordinances" and "resolutions."
Resolutions appear once before the City Council and are generally items of routine nature such as policies, purchases, contracts, appointments or the expression of a position that the City will take on an issue.
Ordinances are a legislative action by the City Council and are a result of the approval of Council Bills which require two readings as prescribed in the Cherry Hills Village Municipal Code
Send correspondence for the Mayor, Council members or City Manager to:
Cherry Hills Village
2450 E. Quincy Ave.
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
Mayor/Council Administrative Assistant
City Manager's Office
Or reach Council members at their individual phone numbers or email addresses by clicking here.