June 2018 Primary Election

The June 26, 2018 Primary Election will determine which candidates will appear on the November 6th General Election ballot to vie for county, state and congressional seats. Ballots will be mailed to active registered voters who are Unaffiliated or affiliated with the Democratic and Republican Party. No minor parties are holding a primary election.

It is the first time that Unaffiliated voters will be eligible to vote in the Primary Election. This is because Colorado voters approved Proposition 108 in 2016. Unaffiliated voters will receive both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots, and may vote and return only one of the ballots and should shred/discard the other.

Drop off your ballots in the 24 Hour Ballot Drop Off Box located in front of our temporary City Hall in the old fire station at 120 Meade Lane, just south of of Quincy Avenue.

More information about the Primary Election can be found at: