2020 Quincy Farm Master Plan Process

Quincy Farm Conservation Easement Plaque

Links to previous drafts of the Quincy Farm Master Plan are available below. The Master Plan process has been paused since August 2020.

At its August 2020 meeting, the Quincy Farm Committee  voted to recommend that City Council :

1) Pause work on the Quincy Farm Master Plan, and

2) Explore the opportunity presented in a letter of interest from Catherine Anderson’s family regarding a possible transfer of Quincy Farm back to the family or a newly formed family foundation.

At the Sept. 1st, 2020 meeting, City Council voted that the City suspend all activities related to the Quincy Farm Master Plan and fully explore the opportunity of a potential transfer of Quincy Farm outlined in the letter of interest from the Anderson family. 

Natalie Anderson submitted a draft Management Plan for the farm for consideration at the October 20th City Council meeting. Following that meeting, City Council decided to publish a Request for Proposals for Quincy Farm Management and Programming to explore options for the future of the farm. Updates are now being published on the RFP page: www.cherryhillsvillage.com/qfrfp .  Questions can also be sent to quincyfarm@cherryhillsvillage.com.

Previous work :  Quincy Farm’s Conservation Easement required the City to present a short-term management plan to Colorado Open Lands within the first year. This short-term plan (below) makes recommendations for Quincy Farm for 2017-2021.