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Building Permit Submittal Process

Permit Submittals that Require Plan Review
Permit applications that require plan review will be issued once all reviews have been completed and approved. Depending on the type of permit application, zoning, building, and/or engineering reviews may apply. Each reviewer has 10 business days to either provide comments to the applicant to be addressed or approve. If comments are needed to be addressed, then the 10 business day clock starts over when the required resubmittal is received.

Please note that the zoning review (if applicable) occurs before a submittal is sent to building and engineering for review. Once zoning has approved, the submittal will then be sent to building and/or engineering for review. After building and/or engineering has approved, the building department will finalize processing for your permit and notify you of any outstanding items to be addressed and fees that are due. Once fees are paid, all permit documents will be issued over email.

Please note: Demo permits do NOT require a plan review fee.  Please submit the demo permit application and applicable documentation directly to  If you have any questions, please contact the Building Department at (303) 783-2721.