Elevator Inspection Program

General Requirements

All elevators and escalators on commercial, institutional (for example, religious facilities and private recreational facilities), and multi-family properties must be registered with the State Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Oil and Public Safety. This requirement went into effect August 1, 2008.  

Learn More

Additional information on the registration process can be found at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Conveyances web page. For more information on the Cherry Hills Village permitting process for elevators, please call the Community Development Department at 303-783-2721.

Types of Elevator Permits & Schedule

The Village reviews permits for all new elevators, including residential elevators, and issues certificates of operation after they have passed final inspections. All elevators located on commercial, institutional and multi-family properties are also inspected on a bi-annual basis. The Village contracts with Shums Coda Associates to provide these services.