Denver Metroplex Airspace Redesign


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently held informational workshops to distribute information on the proposed airspace improvements for the Denver metro area. The FAA hopes redesigning the airspace will address inefficiencies that impact several airports in Colorado including DIA and Centennial Airport which cost over $1.8 million in fuel annually. 

The Denver Metroplex redesign may involve changes in aircraft flight paths and altitudes in certain areas. The City of Cherry Hills Village is currently in the arrival and departure path for both DIA and Centennial Airport. These changes could substantially increase flight traffic over the Village, as much as a flight every few minutes.


The deadline to submit electronic comments to the FAA through their website was June 5, 2017. Mayor Christman and the City Council are collaborating with other Denver Metro Area communities to oppose the implementation of Metroplex Denver until local communities receive adequate information to assess the impact of Metroplex as applicable to their specific community and have the opportunity to submit documentation to the FAA with respect to noise sensitive areas in their communities, consistent with applicable law.