Organizational Structure

The department provides "round the clock" uniformed police services to the Village. Patrol personnel work ten hour shifts, which provides us with an "overlap" period and allows us to better meet call load demands during the busy times of the day.

The department is comprised of 27 employees (23 sworn officers and 4 civilian employees).

  • Chief of Police - 1
  • Commander - 1
  • Sergeants - 4
  • Officers - 15
  • Detective - 1
  • School Resource Officer - 1
  • Support Services Supervisor - 1
  • Police Technician - 1
  • Code Enforcement Officers - 1.5
  • Animal Control Officer - 0.5
  • Police Clerk - 1


The Police Department is organized into the Patrol Division and the Support Services Division.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division (uniformed police services) is comprised of 4 sergeants, 15 police officers, the school resource officer, the Code Enforcement Officer, and the Animal Control Officer. The personnel are arranged into six work teams. Each team consists of a sergeant and 3 or 4 officers. The sergeants report directly to the Chief of Police.

Support Services Division

The Support Unit is comprised of the commander, detective, support services supervisor, police technician, and police clerk. The Support Services Division performs a variety of functions: criminal investigations, crime scene processing, property and evidence retention, recruitment of new personnel, records retention, media relations, and front desk operations.