Quincy Farm Committee

Quincy Farm Committee

The Quincy Farm Committee is no longer an active committee; it was suspended in 2020. The most recent updates about Quincy Farm are now available at www.cherryhillsvillage.com/quincyfarm and the Cherry Hills Land Preserve's website at www.quincyfarm.org  . 

History of the Quincy Farm Committee 

The Quincy Farm Committee was established by City Council in 2015. The Committee was tasked to coordinate with the Parks, Trails, and Recreation Commission to understand the Conservation Easement, provide recommendations about the future of the property, and develop short- and long-term management plans for Quincy Farm. 

Upon recommendation from the Quincy Farm Committee, City Council voted on September 1st, 2020 that the City suspend all activities related to the Quincy Farm Master Plan and fully explore the opportunity of a potential transfer of Quincy Farm outlined in the letter of interest from the Anderson family. Therefore, Quincy Farm Committee meetings were suspended at that time. In 2021, City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cherry Hills Land Preserve for management of Quincy Farm. 

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The Quincy Farm Committee was created by Resolution 10, Series 2015 (PDF) and amended by Resolution 12, Series 2015 (PDF) and Resolution 7, Series 2018 (PDF).