No Proof of Insurance Charges

Charge Dismissal

If you have received a citation for "No Proof of Insurance" and you are able to provide a letter from your insurance that meets the below requirements, you are eligible to have this charge dismissed. 


A letter must be provided to this court from your insurance company. This can be done by faxing the letter to 303-761-9386 or emailing the letter.  You may bring the letter from your insurance agent to the Municipal Court office during normal business hours.  

Insurance Verification

If you had insurance in effect on the date and at the time the citation was issued, you must provide the court with a letter indicating this. 

The letter MUST be on insurance company letterhead and must indicate the following: 

1) Insurance was effective on the specific date and the time indicated on your citation

2) Insurance was effective for the vehicle you were operating when you           received the citation (please include vehicle identification number).

3) That you were authorized to operate the vehicle you were driving if the      insurance on the vehicle is not your policy; and 

4) That the insurance met the minimum requirements in the State of Colorado. 

The letter MUST be on insurance company letterhead and signed by an agent or representative of the company.  Insurance cards are not accepted by this court.

The letter can be emailed to 

Additional Violations

If you were charged with "No Proof of Insurance" in addition to another charge, please contact the Municipal Court office directly.