Park Bench Donations & Dedications

Park Entrance

Donation Guidelines

Benches must be of a natural material, such as stone or rock, as approved by the Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission and City Council. Please contact the Parks Division for samples of available bench construction materials. The Parks Division can guide you through the materials and design process.

A dedication must either fit on a bronze plaque (three by six inches) affixed to the bench or be chiseled / carved into the front of the bench seat. The person to whom the bench is dedicated must have some connection to Cherry Hills Village.

Process Overview

Choose a bench within the guidelines, using the Gift Fund procedure, which includes contacting the Village's Parks Division directly. (The donor would incur the cost of the bench and plaque.)

Check with the Parks, Trails and Recreation (PTR) Administrator for possible locations, keeping in mind that there are some restrictions due to maintenance, traffic and jurisdictional issues. New sites along the High Line Canal are no longer options.

The donor must address the Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission with the request, including the bench design, location, materials and to whom the bench is dedicated.

Provide the name, contact information of a person for any upkeep / updating communications. If there is no contact person, the PTR administration will make replacement decisions to replicate the original design as closely as possible.


The Parks Division will maintain the bench, if needed. The City will accept donations toward such costs.

For more information please contact Ryan Berninzoni, Parks, Trails and Recreation Administrator.