Making a Donation

How to Make a Donation

Would you like to make a gift to the Parks, Trails and Recreation system in Cherry Hills Village? Please contact the Village Parks Division directly at 303-783-2744 to discuss your ideas. The Parks and Trails Administrator can guide you to areas within the Village that would be best served by your support and help facilitate your gift. 

Acknowledging Your Gift

All items which can be suitably marked as a ‘gift of’ or ‘in memory of’ or ‘in appreciation of’ will be identified by a plaque within the guidelines specified by Parks and Trails. Please work with the department to ensure that your message will fit within the confines of the plaque. Where a donor plaque is not practical, donors will be thanked in the Crier and other public venues to note their generous donation. Requests for anonymity will be strictly honored.

The City of Cherry Hills Village and its residents thank you!

Helpful Documents