Trash & Recycling Items M-Z


Liquid mercury and mercury containing devices:

  • barometers
  • blood pressure gauges
  • relays
  • switches
  • thermometers
  • thermostats

For more information, call Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 303-692-2641.

Motor Oil

  • Chercker Auto Parts
    275 W Hampden Avenue
  • Limit: maximum of 5 gallons/week. Customer must dispose of old containers.
  • Fee: call for information

Paint Recycling


Latex Paint

Latex paint is no longer considered a hazardous waste and may be discarded in household trash when completely dry and hard. Leave lids off the can so your waste management company can see the paint is dry. For small amounts, open can and allow to air dry. For larger amounts, add kitty litter, stir and allow to dry; or pour a thin layer (about one inch thick) of paint into a cardboard box lined with plastic. Allow to dry. Continue layering and drying one layer at a time until all the paint has been hardened.

Oil-Based Paint

Use up according to label instructions, give to someone who can use it, or take to a hazardous material collection program.

Pesticides and Herbicides

These products are poisonous to humans, pets and wildlife. They should never be burned, buried, dumped on the ground or in water, or poured down the drain. Use the product according to label directions, give leftovers to someone who can safely use them, store until it can be used, or take to a hazardous materials program.


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