Winter Snow Removal

With winter in Colorado comes snow! The City of Cherry Hills Village Public Works Department is ready for whatever snow events come our way! The department has developed a snow removal plan to keep the streets safe and accessible during periods of snow. The goal and intent of the City is to provide timely, efficient and cost effective winter maintenance and snow removal on all the City's maintained streets.

Please remember that the more it snows, the longer it will take crews to plow the entire City. All City plow drivers strive to keep as much snow as possible out of driveways and away from mailboxes to ensure mail delivery.

How Residents Can Help

There are several ways that residents can help with the snow removal effort. 

First, be aware of the snow plows working in your area and where you are driving. Be careful not to follow too closely or to block their path. If possible, let the plow pass before you reach the intersection. 

Second, as you shovel your walks and driveways, do not place any of the snow in the street. This can cause problems with snow removal operations and can be a hazard for other drivers. 

Third, when it is snowing or a snowstorm has been forecast, please remove your vehicles from the street. If vehicles are left in the street the plows must go around them. This slows the snow removal operation, increases the chance of accidents and will increase the amount of snow that you need to shovel in order to move your vehicle.

For more information or questions please contact Public Works Director Jay Goldie at 303-783-2731 or email Jay Goldie.

We appreciate your assistance!