Cherry Hills Village 2013

A Message From Chief Michelle Tovrea

On behalf of the entire staff of the Cherry Hills Village Police Department (CHVPD) I want to thank you for your interest in our organization. I hope you find our home page easy to use and helpful. While internet technology will never replace the value of human interaction, this website is another tool we have to help us communicate with you. Our website will provide information on: 

CHVPD is a tight knit, dedicated and compassionate organization that takes pride in putting our citizens first. The department has three expectations which we apply to our daily operations.

  • Provide exceptional “supportive actions” (customer service) to our community. This means providing comfort, reassurance and follow through on every call or contact and treating our citizens as if they are family.
  • Impart “procedural justice” to both citizens and operations inside the police department. Procedural justice is a way of doing day-to-day business that provides an explanation, in clear language, of what we are doing and why. In other words, if you take the time to explain what is happening to someone even in an arrest situation, they may not agree with the decisions, but they will be informed. By using active listening skills, making sound referrals and providing correct answers to questions, citizens and employees alike will feel respected and have confidence that our department aspires to be transparent, legitimate, and fair. This premise will facilitate partnerships and problem solving.
  • Accountability: Everyone in the department will be accountable. This starts with personal accountability and holds true for the entire chain of command. We will trust each other; however, we will verify our actions.

We recognize that traditional methods of response to calls for police service, investigation of crimes, and making arrests will not, by themselves, reverse crime and its adverse effects on our community. Our residents enjoy a very low crime rate and an outstanding quality of life. To maintain this quality of life, the Cherry Hills Village Police Department uses a comprehensive approach to delivering services. We utilize our resources to effectively and quickly respond to emergency calls for service in an effort to identify problems and bring them to a successful resolution. We strive to stay abreast of emerging crime trends through the creation of police-community partnerships.

I am honored and proud to be your police chief and to serve a community that works together to improve its quality of life. You have a very good police department - its members come from a variety of backgrounds and are dedicated to providing personalized and professional police services.