City Clerk's Office

Duties & Functions

The duties and functions of the City Clerk's Office are set forth in state statutes, the City Charter and Municipal Code. The City Charter states that the City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Council. The City Clerk serves as assistant to the City Council and City  Manager and performs a variety of duties.

Types of Information Available

The City Clerk's Office serves as a general information center for Cherry Hills Village citizens and city employees. The City Clerk records the official minutes of City Council meetings. Copies of City Council minutes, resolutions and ordinances passed by the City Council are available to the public and can be found on the city website. The Municipal Code with the City Charter is available online for reference as well as for purchase.


The City Clerk's Office conducts City elections and serves as a ballot drop off location for elections run by Arapahoe County. Regular municipal elections are held in even-numbered years on  the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. 

Public Records

The City Clerk is the official custodian of the City's public records. The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the legal retention of all documents of the City and for the preservation of all archival documents. The City Clerk's Office also processes public records requests. Find more information about public records..

Liquor Licenses and Business Licenses

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the issuance of liquor licenses and business licenses. All licensees must comply with the Cherry Hills Village Municipal Code.

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